The Legend of the

81-Point Game

The historic and legendary 81 point game offers a great opportunity to tell the story of the amazing basketball player: Kobe Bryant.

Former teammates, coaches and play-by-play commentators, witnesses of that particular night or played on court with Kobe, tell the story of this unique basketball game.

We will tell the story of one of the greatest players of all time and his extraordinary ability to win a game single-handedly, which proofs that he truly is the so called Black Mamba.

We look behind the scenes of this miracle night on January 22nd, 2006 and analyze how the Lakers being down by 18 points in the half still could beat the Raptors and how Kobe couldn’t be stopped by any tactic.

In our documentary we give tribute to one of the greatest players of all time, let others speak about him and his real GOAT character he showed in this game.

In this documentary you will see exclusive interviews, never shown stock footage all mastered in 6K.

81-Point Game

Trailer comming soon


20. April 2022
It’s the final Countdown

International film premiere confirmed: On Nov 05, the exclusive premiere with red carpet and lots of famous stars from sports, music and film will take place in Los Angeles at the most important film market in the world (AFM).…

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26. Januar 2022
The finishing touches

Multi-award and gold producer DJ Tomekk signs on for the film’s musical backdrop.…

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30. November 2021

Last flap has fallen. We would like to thank everyone involved: cameraman Markus Stotz, sound engineer Jakob Ruckaber and of course all the players of the LA Lakers and the Raptors.…

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